Zigg Condo 1

Over the past few months, I’ve had the opporunity to work on two brand new units at the Zigg Condo on Avenue Road west of St. Clair in midtown Toronto.

Both units had their own set of challenges but the one thing they had in common was the same challenge faced by most condo owners, namely, storage and functionality.

The first unit I did was a one bedroom 600 square foot unit. As is typical in most condo units, it had very small closets which meant inadequate storage capabilities for my client.

The other challenge was that the interior doors were very wide at 38″ most likely to accomodate people with mobility issues, but it meant that the doors had a very wide swing radius. This was a problem for the bedroom as the door took up a tremendous amount of  floor space, space that was rendered useless as no furniture could be put there and it was a problem for the laundry closet which was right beside the entry door.

The laundry solution was pretty simple; replace the door with a bifold door which would take much less room to open than a traditional door. For the bedroom, we decided to convert the door to a barndoor which would free up space in the bedroom for a much needed wardrobe.

In the dining area, we built a custom wall unit with lots of closed storage and a small set of open shelves to display some decorative items.

Finally, we added some light fixtures and some furnishings.






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