Creating higher baseboards

I have always hated the baseboards in our home.

They’re small, uneven and crooked and don’t reflect the charm and character of our 100 year old place.

The problem I faced in replacing them was that they are solid wood, held in place with 3 inch nails and all the walls are lathe and plaster. Removing the existing baseboards to replace them with new ones would have been a huge undertaking. The damage to the plaster walls would have required extensive repairs that I just didn’t have the time or patience for.

I decided to try an old trick that I had seen online years ago, which would give the illusion of higher basboards but without the struggle am\nd mess of a full replacement.

The trick simply involves installing a small piece of trim about 4″ above the existing baseboards and them painting the area in between white so that it looks like the baseboards are actually higher thn they are.

Have a look. It might be something for you to try if you find yourself in the same situation.

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