Building custom storage

It seems as though storage is always an issue whether in a condo or a house. This is especially true of older homes built at a time when people had very few possessions and closets were small and scarce.

Older homes are amazing in terms of character and charm but typically don’t meet the storage needs of most people these days.

Recently, we designed and built some custom storage cabinets for some clients I had done work for in the past. They needed storage in a future nursery and storage in their family room for books and toys.

The challenge in designing storage solutions is making use of every available inch which very often means that store bought ready made solutions won’t work and custom built is the only way to make use of all the available space.

In this case, each wall unit design had it’s own challenges to deal with; 2 old radiators (one that was staying requiring a removable rad cover and one that was being removed), a high vaulted ceiling and a window that was off centre.

These wall units were all built pretty much the same way. On site, using IKEA upper kitchen wall cabinets, melamine shelving and lots of trim.

Have a look at the process below:

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