Alden Heights

I love building customized cabinetry for people. It’s so satisfying creating something out of nothing.

A few years ago, I built a wall unit for a client:

They loved it so much that when she and her husband moved, she contacted me to build them one in their new home. The challenge was that it was out of town and I only had 3 days to build a wall unit and a small kitchen island. What’s the answer when faced with a tight timeline…..simple…..IKEA HACK!!

IKEA hacking is just the best.

To build this unit, I used their new line of SEKTION kitchen cabinets (their upper wall cabinets are the perfect size for wall unit cabinetry)  and their BILLY bookcases, then did a ton of customization and trim work, even going so far as to cut out the middle of two doors to insert a metal screen enabling use of the TV components with the doors closed. We also added some barn board to the back of the book cases for a unique visual element.

For the kitchen island, it was simply a matter of mounting a cabinet to a base, adding sides and an OAK top and some barn board to the face for a bit of a vintage distressed look.

I love how both of these projects turned out. The white on the island and the wall unit ties them together and provides a nice contrast to the dark kitchen cabinetry. The dark stained island top and dark cabinet top on the wall unit, ties them into the kitchen cabinets, so everything relates and works together.

Lots of additional storage and a practical use of limited space.


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