Building an IKEA hack wall unit

The biggest challenge condo and apartment dwellers face is storage. There never seems to be enough space for everything and most people are unsure of how to make the best use of what little space they have.

We had our work cut out for us in thei small downtown condo. We had to completely reorganize the closets and kitchen cabinets to have everything fit.

In the den, we had a bigger challenge. It was being used both as a home office and as a spare bedroom. In this small 8′ X 8′ room was a pull out sofa, a computer desk and for some reason a massive 60″ wall mounted TV. The desk was facing the window since it the only place it would fit, which meant that the blinds were always closed creating a cave like atmosphere.

My recommendation was to get rid of the never used TV and use that wall to house a custom built wall unit that would have a desk, space for their printer, a couple of drawers and lots of storage for books. The desk would need to fold out of the way when the sofa was being used as a bed so the room could transform into a guest bedroom.

I started by removing the baseboards so the unit would sit flush against the wall, then built the wall unit in three sections.

The two side sections would consist of a lower cabinet with closed storage and open shelves above for books. For the lower cabinets, I used upper kitchen cabinets from IKEA mounted on a base of 1X5 pine. These cabinets are just the right size for a wall unit. The shelving was built from laminated melamine shelving.

The wider middle section, also built from melamine shelving, houses the fold away desk and computer monitors along with more shelving for books, etc.

Once in place, baseboards were reinstalled and some trim was added to the top. At a depth of only 15″, the wall unit provides a ton of storage and a functional work space wile taking up very little room.


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