Old Mill – Beautiful Monochromatic Colour Scheme

I have always been a huge fan of what is known as a Monochromatic Colour Scheme, which is, essentially using various tones of one colour to create a warm and soothing environment. Sometimes, I will add an accent colour to provide “pops” of colour, but not always.

I recently published a blog post about a fireplace makeover that I did in a condo at The Old Mill, in west end Toronto.


In this post, I wanted to focus a bit more on the transformation of the entire unit and how I used varying tones of gray to produce an elegant, yet comfortable home. First, some background:

A couple from the Ottawa area found me on google and contacted me as they’d recently purchased a new condo and needed help decorating and furnishing it, as well as help dealing with the lack of storage (a VERY common problem in condos).

As the unit was not much more than a large white cut up box, the clients were feeling completely overwhelmed  with where to start to create the home they envisioned.

The distance was also a huge challenge for them as this was not going to be their permanent residence but rather a place to stay while visiting family. This meant that they would be travelling back and forth and would have limited time when in Toronto to paint and decorate as well as find furniture, lighting, etc. They clearly needed professional help.

The unit, although completely empty and stark white, did have some nice finishes; a warm medium tone laminate floor, beautiful brown tiles in the kitchen and bathroom and warm cream cabinetry.

I decided to use a monochromatic colour scheme as there is nothing better for creating a calm, warm and soothing environment, exactly what my clients wanted.

For paint, I chose three shades of a gray with a brownish undertone; medium tone in the main living area, lighter in the bathrooms and darker in the bedrooms along with a basic cream. These would bring the colours of the cabinetry, flooring and tiles all together and create flow and a cohesive look.

For furnishings, I went with a basic, plain cream sofa and added accent chairs in two shades of gray with different patterns and nail heads for visual interest. An off white dining table which ties in with the cabinetry was contrasted against dark gray chairs and stools.

Modern light fixtures with lots of sparkle and a bit of a traditional feel and a rug in cream accented with different tones of gray completed the look. Everything relates, everything tie in and the home has a modern feel with a traditional influence.

Have a look at the before and afters and don’t forget to revisit the fireplace makeover by clicking the link above.

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