Kitchen Reno

This wasn’t the first time that a dishwasher became the impetus for a kitchen renovtion and most likely won’t be the last.

Yes, this outdated 1979 kitchen had no dishwasher, which my client desperately wanted, but, there were so many other strange issues that had to be dealt with.

Such as three different counter tops, one that didn’t even span from wall to wall. It actually stopped a foot and a half from the end so the previous owner pieced together the balance of the top with leftover back splash tile and on the other side of the kitchen was a cabinet with a wood counter top.

The sink cabinet was way off centre, something which would slowly drive anyone crazy and the corner cabinets required one to literally climb inside to retrieve any of the items stored inside.

The sink and faucet were simply gross and outdated as were the cabinets. In fact, the cabinets were so horrible that even Habitat for Humanity didn’t want them. Yikes.

So, everything had to go.

In order to accommodate a dishwasher, the layout of the kitchen had to change. We left the sink under the window but relocated the fridge to the other side, to make room for the new dishwasher. There was simply no way to install one under the old configuration.

The old kitchen was gutted and a new one was installed in it’s place, in a layout that allowed better functionality and of course, a dishwasher.

The new kitchen is clean and simple done in basic white with a stunning gray marble counter top and traditional white subway tile back splash. To maximize space, we built and installed a custom wine rack and broom closet.

Have a look at the transformation here:

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