Building a wood and pipe bookcase

This is the first of a few posts you’ll be seeing about an amazing loft I’ve been working on in Toronto’s Liberty Village.

As in most lofts and condos, storage is always a challenge and trying to find places for all your things is often a huge struggle.

Shelving units and bookcases tend to take up a lot of valuable floor space and don’t take advantage of the single biggest storage ally – height.

The best way to get maximum use out of every inch is to have things custom designed and made to fit the space and made to fit your needs. Storage needs to be customized, tailored to fit your things, not someone else’s.

One issue with custom often times, is cost. In most cases, custom made pieces cost significantly more than off the shelf items and aren’t always affordable.

Well, here’s an easy, relatively inexpensive way to custom make storage suited to your space. It involves wood and gas or plumbing pipes.

It this particular loft, we had the perfect place for a bookcase but needed something that would be about 4′ wide, 9″ deep and would go all the way to the ceiling in order to provide enough shelving for all of their books, magazines and movies.

The hardest part of building with pipes is, for me, the math. There’s a fair amount of calculating involved as the pipes come in many lengths and thicknesses.

I headed to my local Lowes and picked up five 8 foot knotty pine boards, inexpensive and rustic looking, perfect for this space. I cut them into 4 foot lengths, drilled two holes at either end of each board and then applied a beautiful stain by Cabot called Cinnamon Toast. The pipes would be fed through the holes and anchored to the floor and the ceiling.

Then it was pretty much like building with Lego:

The result is an amazing looking book case with TONS of storage that is tucked out of the way and replaced two big, bulky shelving units that were taking up too much floor space and didn’t have the capacity to hold everything.

You can make just about anything with wood and pipes…book cases, coffee tables, islands, media units, the possibilities are endless AND affordable.

Have a look at this link for some inspiration and see what you can come up with for your space challenged home:

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