Bayview Mills Part 2

A while back I posted an article about a bathroom renovation that I did that was part of a larger project.

The biggest issue with this home was that nothing really had been done to it since it was built in the 1960s and as such, it was horribly out of date.

The original carpet was worn, the old parquet flooring was lifting and coming apart, the light fixtures were dated and the wall colour was bland and drab.

This home needed to be brought up to date in a big way.

My recommendations included a new, fresh paint colour, some crown moulding, new hardwood flooring, baseboards and trim, new lights and the carpet in the main hallway and stairs had to come off.

We did discover a nice surprise on the stairs though. All the treads were solid oak, which is something you typically don’t see anymore, but they were stained golden oak. The stairs all had to be sanded and refinished in a stain that would match the new hardwood floor and the risers were painted white.

We faced a lfew challenges in completing this project. The sub floor in the living room with lifting and had caused about a 25 foot “hump” running almost the entire length of the living/dining room. That had to be rectified before the new flooring could be installed.

The new colour scheme included a beautiful gray paint colour, stunning silver drapery panels, polished nickel lamps, chrome light fixtures and a gorgeous medium dark harwood floor.

Have a look at the before and after photos of this now up to date Toronto townhome.


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