Another closet door switchout

Last week I posted an article about a bedroom I had done where the large mirrored sliding closet doors were replaced by nicer more functional bi-fold doors.

A woman who I had done some work for in the past read the post and contacted me to do the same work on two of her closets, one in the entry and one in the guest bedroom.

Her sliding doors were floor to ceiling so we had to make a decision about whether to special order 8′ bi-fold doors that would go all the way to the ceiling or go the much less expensive route of framing in the existing closet opening and buying more economical stock doors.

For obvious reasons, we chose the second option. It actually is the preferred option in my mind as we are then able to add some trim to the opening giving it a much nicer look.

Fairly simple although somewhat time consuming, framing in a closet opening is all about measuring twice. Bi-fold are straight forward to install if the framing is done correctly, but can be a huge pain if not.

A few 2X4s, some drywall, compound and paint and the new doors bring the tired entry up to date. The bi-fold doors look amazing with modern stainless steel pulls and are significantly more functional than the old awkward sliding doors.

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