The Printing Factory Lofts Part 2

When I published the post a while back on The Printing Factory Lofts, there were a couple of things in the unit that hadn’t yet been completed, namely the bedroom area. In going through some folders, I realized I never uploaded the photos.

The tricky part in doing the bedroom in this loft (or frankly most lofts) is that there is no wall or door separating it from the rest of the unit. It’s simply an area in which to put the bed.

Now, a wall and door could have been added easily enough, but that would have closed in the space as, the bedroom area had no window. However, we still wanted to be able to provide some separation, an option to close off the room should guests come over.

The easiest and most affordable solution in my mind was to hang bamboo blinds as a room divider, blinds that would relate to the ones we had hung in the living room windows.

They can be lowered to the floor when some privacy is desired or raised all the way up when wanting a more open feel.

The best part in a loft, as I have said before, is that there are virtually no rules and you can pretty much go “crazy” and it will work.

Thinking “outside the box” and searching for creative solutions to everyday challenges is critical when dealing with a small space.


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