The Empire

Sometimes people don’t want to spend a fortune decorating their home and the good news is that you often don’t need to spend a lot to make a huge difference.

Recently I competed a condo unit for a first time buyer who, as with most people moving into their first place, had a limited budget to work with.

We had to set some priorities and make some decisions, taking on those things that would make the most impact and also add the most value. Re sale is always something condo owners have to keep in mind, especially first time buyers who typically don’t stay long before moving up.

We decided on a few things that I felt were the most important; replacing the old worn carpet in the bedroom with a new laminate floor that matched the existing floor in the rest of the unit, a glass tile back splash in the kitchen, some beautiful wallpaper as an accent in the bedroom and den and of course, paint throughout.

The unit went from cold and stark to warm and inviting.




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