Building a Wall Unit

I am sooooo happy how this project turned out and equally happy that it’s finished. My lower back is even happier.

When I was contacted by a couple who I had done work for in the past to build a wall unit in their living room and a bench in their entry, I jumped at the chance.

I love working with my hands and I especially love working with wonderful people. It just doesn’t feel like work.

A wall unit in their living room was a bit of a no brainer. They had very little storage, as is the case in pretty much all 90 year old homes and they had a wall that was a natural fit.

This project wasn’t without it’s challenges, however. The floor and walls are, of course, not level and there are two beautiful windows in the wall that are off centre and would have to be incorporated into the wall unit.

The construction was pretty typical of what I do; a base made of 2X4s, upper kitchen cabinets and stock melamine shelving with some decorative trim added. The design was pretty much done on the fly as I had to build around the windows.

The result is a wall unit with tons of storage and looks as though it’s always been there:





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1 Response to Building a Wall Unit

  1. Dara says:

    You did an amazing job!! It opens up our living room. We are so happy with the way it turned out and have received so many compliments.

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