East End Ravine – Getting ready for sale

You can live pretty much the way you want in your own home BUT as soon as you have made the decision to sell, then it is NO LONGER YOUR HOME!

This is the first rule of getting your home ready for sale.

This rule was applied in spades to a recent east end Toronto home that had been lived in for many years and was functioning well according to the home owner’s needs.

When I arrived I made a number of recommendations that the owner would never have gone along with had she been staying in the home.

The key was, we had to make the home appeal to a wider audience of potential buyers.

The dated sage green and bright yellow walls were repainted in a warm, neutral, Baby Fawn by Benjamin Moore. The kitchen cabinetry was refaced in bright white, rescuing the kitchen from the dark, drab, 80s washed oak green and  the California ceiling was replaced with modern track lighting.

All the little knick knacks that were literally everywhere had to go as well, but the most dramatic change, however, was in the furniture placement.

The living room was being used as a home office complete with desk and book case and was the first thing you saw as soon as you walked in. The family room was so crammed full of furniture that you could barely move. It made sense to switch the functions of both rooms and split up the furniture. So the living room once again became a living room and the family room became a den/sitting room.

A few strategically placed decor items and the home was transformed into a warm, cozy and welcoming space.

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