Another closet by Schulte

One of the biggest challenges that people face, especially people who live in a small space, is storage. There’s never enough of it and what there is is so poorly designed and laid out, that it’s virtually useless.

Everything is just stuffed into every corner of every closet making it almost impossible to keep track of things.

Most new home and condo builders give you closets containing nothing more than a wire rack and leave it up to you to make it work.

It seems as though almost every project I do requires a closet makeover; removing the old useless wire rack and installing a new efficient and effective storage system.

I’ve written before about the many closet systems available and I’ve used most of them, but I keep coming back to the system by Schulte.

It’s wall mounted, modular and can be completely customized to your needs today and then easilly modified over time as your needs change.

I just completed a closet in a home that had been just renovated. This was a brand new closet with no existing system. The clients were looking for some hanging storage, a couple of drawers and a lot of shelving. The finished closet gives them ample room to hang both long and short items, two large drawers and a ton of storage with “boxes” and open shelves. As their needs change, it will be easy to move things around or add new modular pieces to ensure that this closet always meets their needs. Have a look:



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