Bayview Mills Part 1

I’ve seen a lot of bathrooms in my time as a designer, but this one was definitely the worst.

Reminiscent of what you see in a dark, dingy, seedy 1980s night club (so I’ve heard), there was not a single redeeming quality about it.

From it’s gold trim and black painted wallpapered walls and ceiling (yes, I said ceiling) to it’s vanity counter top with faux water puddles (yup), it was absolutely horrible.

Everything single thing had to go.










The original plan called for removing the wallpaper, but after uncovering a second layer of wallpaper (pink roses likely from the 1970s) under the first, we soon realized that the quickest and easiest solution would be to tear down the walls and start again.









With the old walls gone, we could now hang the new drywall. A special shout out goes to Kyle Bounds of KB Contacting and Carpentry who we sub contracted to do the drywall.  He did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend him. Contact me for his information.










Next was a few coats of primer and paint.










When we brought in the new vanity, we discovered, as I had suspected, that it didn’t entirely cover the tile floor and part of the sub floor was exposed. Not wanting to go through the time and expense of replacing the tile floor, we found a fantastic floating vinyl floor that locks together, goes right over the existing floor and at only 1/8″ thick, was the perfect solution.

We chose a floor that looked exactly like travertine.

If you’re looking for an easy and inexpensive way to update your tile flooring, have a look at this product:

With the new floor installed, we could bring in the all the fixtures and finish the trim.

The result is a bathroom that is clean, modern and tasteful. A stark contrast to what it was before.





















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