The Domain – Part 2

It’s funny how one thing leads to another.

I had done a home office, bathroom makeover and fully furnished this condo in midtown Toronto, when my client approached me with an issue.

He was having to run his dishwasher twice a day and he was very frustrated.

At only 17″ wide, it would only hold a pot or two and a couple of plates. While it would be perfect in someone’s basement bar, it really wasn’t practical in a condo.

I suppose, in an attempt to conserve space, the builder supplied almost ALL undersized appliances, not just the dishwasher. The stove was 24″ wide but had a 30″ wide microwave above it (oddly, the only full szied appliance) and the fridge was, again, perfect for a family’s bar.

I was asked to weigh the options for replacing the dishwasher with a standard sized model.

The challenge of course is that you can’t just replace a small dishwasher with a larger one, not without changing cabinetry. To make room for a larger dishwasher meant stealing space from the adjacent sink cabinet, which meant a smaller sink and sink cabinet and a new countertop.

But, since you have to replace the countertop anyway, you may as well upgrade the stove from 24″ to the standard sized 30″ and also include a full sized fridge. And since the fan in the microwave was barely sucking anything, we could replace that with a range hood and then use a small counter top microwave, fine for defrosting.

So, out of my client’s frustration with his dishwasher, a complete kitchen renovation was born; 5 brand new full sized appliances, all new cabnets, a new granite countertop, a new sink and faucet and new lighting.

The result is a kitchen that functions properly, looks fantastic and has significantly more value to potential buyers. Have a look at the before and afters of not only the kitchen, but the main living space as well:


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