Home Staging makes a HUGE difference

It’s a known fact that most people are unable to visualize. As children, we have no problem with it but something happens as we get older, and we seem to lose part of that ability.

When prospective buyers look at a home to purchase, they have a very difficult time seeing beyond what is there and visualizing what it could be.

That’s why there are model homes and suites; to help people see what the space can be.

Recently, in partnership with Jayne Lynde of House to Home Staging and Decorating, I did a small home staging job in a home that’s been on the market for two months. After a huge de-clutter it still needed some TLC to make it appealing to potential buyers. That’s where we came in.

With a very tight budget and no money to rent furniture, we used a lot of the home owners existing furnishings and employed a ton of creativity in order to fill the empty rooms.

In the master bedroom we used a double air mattress mounted on four Rubbermaid containers to create a bed and found a couple of old side tables in the basement that we used as night stands.

The second bedroom we filled with leftover furniture from the living room and created a nice sitting room.

We turned the third bedroom into a home office by building a desk from a couple of bookcases and some plywood and adding a couple of extra dining chairs. It may not be the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen, but at least it filled the room and will give people something to look at besides an empty room.

On a shoestring, we were able to transform this house into a home. The living room became warm and inviting and the empty bedrooms were brought to life.

What a difference………….

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