The Domain – Part 1

This is first of a few posts covering a project just about completed in mid town Toronto,

What began as a closet and den makeover evolved into furnishing the entire unit, a bathroom makeover and a kitchen renovation.

The den was part of yesterday’s post (so maybe this is actually the second post about this project).









Today I’ll begin with the bathroom makeover.

The existing bathroom in this condo was a bit tired looking and wasn’t functional at all for the owner. Storage was an issue, the towel bar was behind the door on the wall furthest away from the shower (??!!!), there was a huge mirror taking up valuable wall space and the owner, being fairly tall, was looking for a toilet and vanity that would be higher than what was there.

Here is what the bathroom looked like before our work (yes, that’s me in the mirror)






You don’t have to spend a ton of money to makeover a bathroom. We changed the vanity and toilet, replaced the large mirror with a smaller one and a towel rack and added a second towel bar right next to the shower and a couple of baskets underneath for added storage.

The wall mounted vanity allowed us to raise the height of the counter to a level more comfortable for him and the drawers are much more functional than an empty cavern behind two doors. We chose a new toilet with the highest seat we could find which is also much more efficient than the one that was there.

The new bathroom not only functions much better but has a bolder and more contemporary look.














A HUGE improvement!

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