Liberty Towers

Well, I’m glad this one is done!

Completing a renovation in a condo is challenging enough dealing with elevators, security personnel, parking and waste removal, but when you add in construction, traffic, two out of three elevators down for maintenance, furniture and unpacked boxes everywhere and clients constantly changing the plan and micro managing the work, this one has been unbelievably difficult and stressful.

The biggest issue for the owners of this unit was storage.

The first rule of condo living is de-clutter. The second rule is de-clutter. And the third, well, you get the point. Thee folks decided that instead of getting rid of some of the dozens and dozens of pairs of shoes, pants, jackets, crystal and china, we should simply find a way to house it all. No easy feat in a 600 square foot 2 bedroom.

To be able to do the impossible, we had to remove walls, move walls and build closets. the condo prior to the work looked like this:







And the proposed layout would look like this:









Here’s some before shots:

5 3 1














The plan was to remove the two existing closets, giving a much larger living area, add in a pantry and wall up the den to create a new coat closet and a large walk in closet. A new closet would also be built in the 2nd bedroom. The final result is slightly different from the original proposal. The angled wall was replaced by a squared off one and a pantry “room” with floor to ceiling doors that open at right angles to each other was added as opposed to a store bought pantry unit that would slide in beside the fridge.

For obvious reasons, removing walls means laying all new floors, so the old floors had to be replaced and as long as we were doing that, it made sense to replace the carpet in the two bedrooms.

And if you’re laying new floors, then why not new baseboards and if you’re doing new baseboards then why not add crown moulding. And why not tile the kitchen since the floor is coming up anyway. And why not tile it on a 45 degree angle and add glass tiles in between all the floor tiles. And why not install louvred doors and more lights.

Yes, this project took on a life of its own as things were changed, added and removed and time dragged on. But, in the end, the clients have a home that can house their things and gives them a much larger living area The home does function much better is is more open and bright.

DSC07157 DSC07167 6 4 2a 2

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