From den to dorm

I was approached recently by a new client with a particular challenge.

She had bought a condo for her daughter to live in while attending university, but in order to make it work financially, she had to be able to rent out the den to another student. This meant converting the den into a bedroom.

Not easy considering it’s small size, just 6′ X 8′

















We had to be able to accommodate a bed, a closet, some storage and a desk and shelf. We also needed sliding doors for privacy.

The final challenge was we to do it all on a limited budget.

So we headed off to Ikea to pick up an Odda  twin storage bed and a Pax wardrobe.

Since space was at a premium, we removed the baseboards to give an extra inch, critical in a space this size, which provided not only a tiny bit of extra room, but also the ability to give it a built in look.

Even with the baseboards removed, we still had to rip 1 1/2 inches off of the Pax width, to make it fit. We mounted a brilliant wall desk which could double as a night table, with a shelf above, then headed to Lowes to pick up some frosted sliding doors.

Since the den doorway opening went all the way to the ceiling, we had to make a decision. We couldn’t get doors tall enough to go all the way to the ceiling so we either had to build the opening down with studs and drywall or simply mount a 2 X 3 across the opening to suspend the doors from. This was the preferred method, due to budget and time constraints and actually worked out well as the open space above the doors  prevented the room from being too dark and feeling too closed in. A little trim on either side of the 2 X 3 to dress it up was the finishing touch.

The baseboards were re cut and re attached and the result is a functional “dorm room” with lots of storage, a space to work, some privacy and a comfortable bed. Perfect for a student looking to live downtown in the heart of all the action.



























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