Fleet Street

When I was initially approached by the owner of this lake shore condo, he was looking to refurbish his home with some new furnishings, lighting and some decor. He had lived there for several years and wanted to breathe some new life into it. He was also thinking about resale down the road and wanted to make it attractive to potential buyers.

Upon viewing the condo and discussing budgets I recommended that he not spend the entire budget on new furniture  but would see more value if we directed the majority of the resources to updating the kitchen and bathroom, which were both very out of date and tired looking. These are also two critical areas that condo buyers look at closely.

I had a particular concern with the kitchen. There was just way too much going on and it was hard to know where to look. There was a beautiful rustic looking wood floor, cabinetry in an odd combination of white and red mahogany and a massive butcher block island that completely dominated the space. On top of that was the old ugly counter top and faucet and a backsplash in 6 X 6 white ceramic tiles which looked as though they were leftover from the bathroom.

Bland, tired, out of date and confusing, this kitchen needed a big chunk of the budget.



















We began by painting out all the cabinetry in an antique ivory to give some unity and flow and replaced the thick chunky island sides with 3/4 melamine also in antique ivory.

The old backsplash was removed which meant (as it usually does) replacing the drywall so the new backsplash would have an even clean surface to adhere to.

The counter tops were replaced with granite and a new under mount sink and faucet were installed.

We chose a high gloss black subway tile for the new backsplash for two reasons. First, it would pick up the black tones in the granite and second, it’s a classic, timeless look that has wide appeal among buyers.

A backsplash can often be like art. One person loves it and another hates it. It’s always better when thinking about resale, to keep it simple and clean and choose something that has universal appeal.

We changed the lighting, added a new rug, media unit, mirror new stools and some decor accessories.

The bathroom was much less involved. We simply painted the vanity in the same antique ivory and replaced the counter top with the same granite we chose for the kitchen. An under mount sink, a new faucet and a medicine cabinet completed the makeover.

The result is a condo that is modern, up to date, clean and simple and will have wide appeal when the time comes to sell.






































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