Another closet makeover

The entry closet of this home in a small town north of the city was an absolute mess.

Everything was pretty much just thrown in. It was a catch-all for many items that really didn’t need to be there and the heavy mirrored sliding doors made it extremely difficult and awkward to access the closet, especially for their young children who were being taught to put their things away. There wasn’t enough room in the closet for everything, so there were a series of hooks, a hallway shelf  and a console table  to catch everything else.

IMG_1417 IMG_1420















The first thing we did was declutter. 

The entry is your guest’s’ first impression of your home and should set the tone for what they are about to encounter. It should be warm and inviting and shouldn’t feel as though you are walking into a huge closet.

You only need clothing in the entry closet that are used on a regular basis. Seasonal switching of the items is a must. You don’t need to keep every single coat, shoe and hat that you own in there. Just keep things in there that you will be wearing on a daily basis for that season and keep everything else somewhere else.

Once we decluttered we were able to see what exactly needed to go into the closet so we could design the appropriate system.

The first thing we did was to completely empty the closet. We then removed the heavy doors and took out all the existing shelving and rods. The closet was patched and painted so we would have a blank canvas to work with.

The system we decided to use was by Easy Track. It is a wall mounted system and is fully customizable with drawers, rods, baskets, shelves and doors so you can design your closet exactly for your needs.

Their website has a fantastic design tool that will enable you to design your closet on line then print out a materials list.

We went with one tower containing drawers, shelves and baskets and two clothing rods. The lower shelves and rod was for the children, the uppers for the parents.









Next came 6 panel bi fold doors which not only updated the look, but also made it much easier for the children to open and close, and gave better access to the closet than sliding doors.

To complete the entry, the console was sprayed black and a mirror, a new runner, new updated lighting and some accessories were added.

DSC06880 DSC06883














Now this entry is neat, tidy and organized and is a much more inviting introduction to the home.


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