Liberty Village II – Kitchen Makeover

I was not a fan of the golden oak flooring and cabinets in this stunning loft, nor the boring tile backsplash. The oak looked dated and didn’t seem to fit the character and charm of the space with it’s brick wall and concrete ceilings.

















To be able to install the new backsplash, the old one had to first be taken off and of course the wall behind it came with it.

















So new drywall had to be hung so we would have a smooth solid surface for the new tiles.










With a nice clean wall, we could lay the new tiles in place. I went for square 1/2 tiles as opposed to the linear tile that was there before. I love linear tiles, but in here, they just weren’t working for me.










The dark wood floor ties in much better with the dark slate tiles in the kitchen. Choosing a wood floor in a similar tone as the slate gave much better flow to the space.

Next came the task of painting out the kitchen cabinets. I chose white to brighten up the dark windowless kitchen and give a more contemporary feel. We also installed some 1″ X 3″ pine under the cabinets to conceal the under cabinet lighting.































Brighter, cleaner, more interesting, more contemporary and sooooo much nicer.



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