Creating fireplace cabinets

Here’s another simple way to add beauty and storage to your fireplace.

This west Toronto townhome, which I’ve blogged about a few times (grasscloth wallpaper, window bench, custom headboard) has a fireplace with a nook on one side that was perfect for adding a built in cabinet.

For the sake of symmetry, we added cabinets to both sides.










Like all my other cabinet projects, it began by removing the baseboards and building a base of 1″ X 6″ pine to mount the cabinets on. That would allow clearance for the baseboards.

Then, we took four stock Ikea upper kitchen cabinets, two with solid doors and two with glass doors, anchored them together and mounted them to the bases and to the wall.

















Then we took some stock Home Depot melamine shelving, cut them to fit and added them in to fill the gaps around the cabinets (by attaching them to 1″ X 2″ strapping). Next came re-installing the baseboards around the new cabinets. And…………………..there you have it, beauty and tons of additional display and storage space.

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