Building a Custom Headboard

Today, we built a headboard with a floating night stand and it turned out beautifully, so I thought I would share it with you.

Building a headboard whether fabric or in this case, wood (oak) is not particularilly difficult as long as you have a design plan in mind.

We were dealing with a very small bedroom so there was no room for store bought night stands. All of them are simply too wide. We only had about 15″ maximum to accomodate a night stand, and only on one side of the bed. So, since store bought wasn’t going to work, we decided to just make a headboard. That way, we could control the dimensions.

We started with 3 pieces of 24″ X 24″ X 3/4″ oak and mounted them to a frame of 1″ X 4″ pine.







The pine provides stability, gives the headboard some thickness and gives us something with which to mount it to the wall.

Next we built a basic box to act as a night stand and attached that to the headboard.







Then some trim on the edges.







Then came the best part and certainly the most fun (not); the stain.







Mounting the headboard to the wall is very simple. The top piece of pine was cut along the bottom edge at a 45 degree angle and two “cleats”, small pieces of pine were cut at the reverse 45. The cleats are mounted to the wall and the headboard sits on them.







And here is the finished product:

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