Making an open concept less open with barn doors

An open concept home can be nice but sometimes you can go a little overboard.

This was the case when a client bought an 85 year old west Toronto home and then tore down almost every interior wall on the main floor creating a home that felt like, well, a barn.

Her home office which is right off the living room had no privacy and was open for everyone to see whenever she entertained.

The challenge was how to keep the open concept while still affording the option of being closed in.








The solution was to add “barn doors”. We began by extending the wall between the office and the living room to allow the doors to “stack” behind it.







Next we added the track and some moulding to hide it and built the doors, trimmed out to mimic the moulding around the fireplace.







With the doors closed, it gives the living room a cozier feel and keeps the home office private.







From behind you can see how the doors “stack” behind the wall.











The doors were a great compromise, allowing my client to maintain her open concept home while still giving the option of privacy.


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