Window Treatments…oh, what to do…

When it comes to window coverings (treatments) there are so many factors to consider and so many choices and decisions to make, it can seem a bit overwhelming.

So let’s see if I can help a bit.

Think about the overall look you’re trying to achieve. Do you want simple, uncluttered, clean lines? Do you want a softer, warmer look? Do you want or need to add some colour? Do want a contemporary look or something more traditional, or something in between?

Think about what you’re trying to achieve as far as functionality. Do you want to block out the light or simply diffuse it a bit? Is privacy an issue?

The choices are many but basically break down into four categories.

There are blinds (vertical, horizontal, wood, faux wood, metal and PVC), shades (cellular, pleated, roman, rollar and sun screens), shutters and draperies (including sheers).

I’ll walk you through a few that I’ve done and give you a bit of my thinking around each.

The first and one of my favourites is the sheer horizontal blind. This is basically a horizontal blind with a sheer fabric attached to both sides. This allows you to let the light in and still have some privavcy during the day but then at night you can fully close them like a regular blind. You can tilt the vanes to control the light and you can pull the blinds all the up. It’s a very clean look but also very soft and warm.











Another favourite of mine that I use often in condos where privacy isn’t an issue, is the sun screen. This is basically a roller blind but the but itself has thousands of tiny perforations to allow some light and visibility. They come in different levels of opacity so you can decide how much light you want to allow in. Even when fully closed, you can still see out so they don’t close the space in. Perfect for small spaces.

















If you like the look of shutters but they’re a bit out of reach for your budget, you can opt for a wood or faux wood blind. They have a look similar to shutters but come at a fraction of the price.








Don’t overlook drapery panels and sheers as a great way to give privacy and a warm, cozy feel. They also allow you to add some colour to your windows and tie in your colour scheme.



















If your budget allows and you’re looking for a clean, contemporary look, opt for shutters. They allow light control and privacy.












There are many on line resources you can turn to for help and inspiration. Hunter Douglas, Blinds To Go and Covers all have great websites and there is always google images.

If I can be of any help, feel free to call or email me or post a comment here.

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2 Responses to Window Treatments…oh, what to do…

  1. lauren says:

    Nice post. I just bought my first house so now I am working on my interior design. I don’t know what I want to do with my windows. I don’t like curtains or drapes so that pretty much leaves me with shades, shutters and blinds. I really like those white wood blinds with the purple walls. I have really bright red walls so they would probably look just as nice in my living room. I also like the white shudders, they look really nice. Thanks so much for the great ideas!

  2. Great post, this is well written and very helpful for people who are looking for interior designing, window treatment and home decor. Thank you for the post it is really very Informative and useful.

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