Building a custom walk in closet

You know, you’d think when you pay a million bucks for a condo, you’d get a decent walk in closet but, noooooo, you get the same junk that builders install in every condo I’ve ever seen. You get a shelf and a closet rod and a ton of useless space.









My client needed a much better use of space. They needed space to hang clothes, store shoes, sweaters, luggage….in a condo you need to make use of every inch and the master bedroom walk in closet often becomes a catch-all for a lot of other items.

In this project, I designed a walk in closet using the SuiteSymphony  system from Closetmaid and then customized it to fit.

We started by removing the old shelving and some of the baseboards (I wanted the system to mount flush against the walls). Then we filled the holes and painted the closet to match the master bedroom, giving flow and unity to the space.






I designed a system that combined a corner tower for sweaters and seasonal clothing items, two wall towers housing drawers, shoes storage and shelves for folded items and seven closet rods to hang everything else. A top shelf links them all together and provides storage for items used once in a while such as luggage.
























The Closetmaid system is one that I highly recommend. It’s easy to custom fit by cutting the closet rods with a simple hack saw and the top shelves with a table saw. It can also be customized as your needs change by adding more drawers and  doors.

You can view all the options by visiting clicking on Shop and following the links.

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