Developing a colour scheme

Usually when I am trying to come up with a colour scheme for a client, there is something from which to draw inspiration. It could be a fantastic piece of artwork, a dramatic shower curtain or a unique throw cushion.

In this lakefront townhome, the pale yellow and bright teal came from the artwork they had brought with them from India.








In this upscale west end Toronto home, the colour scheme came from the beautiful granite counter tops.






Recently I took on a new project where the client had a few furnishings but no real artwork or decor accesories that I could draw inspiration from. The only thing I had to develop a colour scheme from was her walls, which she had painted in various shades of gray and beige.






What I decided to do was use a colour scheme of golds and silvers to play on the gray and beige wall colours. I chose cushions, lamps and a mirror that brought the colours together and on the advice of my design intern, chose some decor accessories that brought in a third colour to mimic the shag rug, a soft pale blue.






We also decided to combine shapes and textures by blending silky cushions and polished china with organic flowers and pot pouri.

Here you can see how the bowl and pot pouri brings in the colour and shape of the area rug.






The flowers in the two vases add another organic element and help to relate all the colours.

















The result is a home that is warm and inviting, where all the colours, shapes and textures come together to form a cohesive and relaxing look.

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