Yet another fireplace makeover

You know, when I started this business, it never occured to me that I would end up doing so many fireplace makeovers. It was never my intention to become a “fireplace guy”, it’s just that, well, I see so many horrible, awful fireplaces….so many….

Here’s one that I suppose looked great 95 years ago when the house was built, but today, not so much. To be fair, I’m sure function was more important in those days than form. At any rate, there’s just way too much brick going on for a 2012 urban home in an upscale Toronto neighbourhood.






A simple solution was just to add some wood cladding to the two sides by installing some strapping onto the brick and then adding some MDF to the strapping.






Then all that was left was to add some decorative mouldings and give it a final coat of paint.









Fairly simple, relatively inexpensive, but the results are fantastic.

Updates the old brick fireplace while still retaining it’s classic charm.

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