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Adding privacy to a glass shower

Here’s a great way to add some privacy to a glass shower stall, windows or doors. It’s inexpensive and relatively easy to install, if, and I can’t stress this enough, you follow the instructions. I’ve done a few of these … Continue reading

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Building a custom walk in closet

You know, you’d think when you pay a million bucks for a condo, you’d get a decent walk in closet but, noooooo, you get the same junk that builders install in every condo I’ve ever seen. You get a shelf … Continue reading

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Developing a Lighting Plan

One of the things I see in almost every home I go into is how poorly lit they are. This is especially true in new condos where often times there aren’t even electrical boxes in the ceilings or if there … Continue reading

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My favourite fireplace makeover

I’m pretty proud of all my work, but, every now and then I complete a project that just comes together beautifully and brings a smile to my face when I step back and have a look. This is the case … Continue reading

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Developing a colour scheme

Usually when I am trying to come up with a colour scheme for a client, there is something from which to draw inspiration. It could be a fantastic piece of artwork, a dramatic shower curtain or a unique throw cushion. … Continue reading

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Yet another fireplace makeover

You know, when I started this business, it never occured to me that I would end up doing so many fireplace makeovers. It was never my intention to become a “fireplace guy”, it’s just that, well, I see so many … Continue reading

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Creating a “custom” desk unit

Here’s a cool way to build a “custom” Ikea desk unit. Take 2 Billy bookcases with doors, add a Vika table top with a drawer in between , mount 2 Lack shelves between the bookcases using L-brackets (you’ll have to … Continue reading

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