Building a kitchen island

Recently I took on a project in a home that had been renovated prior to my clients moving in. The kitchen had been completely redone but had a large empty space that screamed “I need an island”.






Building an island can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. I opted to go the simple route.

The client had specified 2 cabinets with one drawer in each and some book shelves along one end. She wanted an overhang to accomodate some stools and a look that was very simple and clean, nothing too ornate.

I started by building a base from 1 X 6 pine and added two stock Ikea base cabinets anchored together.  I then built the book shelves from stock Home Depot shelving.









The next step was to add baseboards around the bottom, trim around the sides and a 3/4″ plywood top.






Then some brushed nickel handles and a coat of paint, Baby’s Breath, a white with a hint of gray.






The final step in this very simple project was to replace the plywood with a polished concrete countertop. Contemporary and a nice contrast to the granite counters in the rest of the kitchen.













Very simple, very clean and looks amazing!

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