Storage beds can be a life saver

I see a ton of condos and I still cannot get over how small the bedrooms are.

I looked at a two bedroom suite last week in Liberty Village (reclaimed railway lands that are being developed around King and Strachan) and the bedrooms are 9′ X 9′ and 10′ X 10′. When you consider that one wall has a window, one wall has a closet and another wall has the entry door, you have virtually no place for a dresser or an armoire.

Thankfully, furniture manufacturers have responded and designed a wide range of storage beds. Some have drawers on either side, some have drawers on the end and in some cases the platform with mattress lift up with a hyraulic system revealing massive storage underneath (not great for daily use but perfect for extra bedding and items you don’t use very often).

The Lexington is a fantasic bed with integrated floating nightstands and four huge drawers.











Another one that I love is the Gramercy which again has four drawers and optional floating night stands.














This one has two drawers at the foot of the bed for those rooms that just need a bit more storage.







If you’re looking for storage for you child’s room and a place for the occasional sleepover, here’s a couple of options to consider:










So, if you are frustrated with your tiny bedroom, consder storage beds for a clean, uncluttered look and tons of storage.

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