Creating a stunning photo gallery

I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I love everything about it. The food, the lights, the decorations.

This is the time of year when nostalgia really kicks in as we gather with family and friends to share some great food, drinks and fond memories.

Other than vacations and travel, this is also the time of year when we take the majority of our photographs to create tomorrow’s nostalgia and what better way to display our best work than with a stunning photo gallery.

A photo gallery is a great way to create art that means something to you. It’s an amazing conversation starter at gatherings and it’s something you can be proud of.

If it’s done right.

Every photo gallery is unique. That’s the best part. There are very few rules. For the most part, you can let your imagination go wild and have fun with it. Don’t over analyze it. Be creative. Be unique. Be yourself.

It’s your wall and it’s your life you’re showcasing.

Let me show you a few that I’ve done and give you some tips and pointers.

You may have seen some of these before in a previous post in a different context, like this gallery I did for a client recently to showcase the photos they had taken over the years in their travels around the world. I selected 10 photos from their collection and had them printed in black and white 8 X 10 and then matted and framed.






For photo galleries start by finding the horizontal centre of the wall, then measure up 60″ from the floor. This point will be the centre of the gallery. Use masking tape to mark your measurements so you don’t make a mess of the wall and have to do paint touch ups.

Here’s another gallery of client photos done a little differently. Still black and white, but this time I used different sized and shaped frames. Note also, the frames on the next wall on the photo ledge.

Don’t count out photo ledges as a great way to display photos. You can use different sized frames and overlap a couple for visual interest.






Here’s one where I used an assortment of different frames, different shapes, styles and sizes. Add a couple of frames hung from ribbon to make it interesting. Don’t be afraid to use a random selection of frames.







Here’s a similar one.






Another idea for you is to combine photos with art, books and decorative pieces on a shelf or shelves.






Hopefully these photos have given you some ideas and inspiration for creating your own photo gallery of memories that have special meaning in your life.




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