Area Rugs – artwork for your floor

In a previous post, Decorating Rules of Thumb, I wrote a bit about area rugs to the extent that most people have rugs that are either too large or too small for the room and gave some things to consider when choosing the size of a rug.

Today I’d like you to think of an area rug as artwork for your floor.

I often use rugs that I like to think of as “funky”, meaning that as opposed to going with a neutral, solid coloured rug, I’ll often choose one that has a pattern and brings in all the colours from my colour scheme, bringing all the different room colours together in one place.

In this photo, you’ll notice the arcs repeated in the rug, table legs, and chair backs. Repetition is a great way to unify a space.







Here I used a rug that brought in the two main wall colours (beige and brown for lack of more colourful names) and the silver in the accent cushions.







This isn’t a great photo of the rug but you can see the main cream colour and the brown and blue accent colours as well as a rust colour. The brown is in the furniture and floor, the blue is the bedroom colour and the rust is in the dining table accessories. Again, bring in all the colours and bring a bit of the bedroom out into the living room.







Here I used the same rug and brought the colour of the accent wall in the dining room and the bedroom into the rug.








These are just a few examples of where I’ve chosen rugs that bring all the colours of the home together in one place and provide a floor covering that is visually interesting.

Something to think about the next time you’re looking for an area rug for your home.








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