Making a bold statement with grasscloth wallpaper

I’ve written previously about the resurgence in popularity that wallpaper is enjoying and how I’ve used it on feature walls. A beautiful wallpaper adds so much glamour and drama to a room and is really nothing more than a wall sized piece of art.

Recently I’ve used grasscloth wallpaper when I wanted to make an even bolder statement.

Grasscloth wallpaper is a natural product that is made from individual strands of grass (often sea grass) that are woven together and then glued to a backing often of rice paper. The beautiful thing about grasscloth is that because it is a natural element, it has so many imperfections that add to it’s uniqueness. It has a wonderful texture and comes in a wide range of colours and patterns.

Like most wallpapers you should avoid using it in bathrooms and places with a lot of humidity or moisture and try to avoid high traffic areas as it can damage fairly easilly.

If you want the look of grasscloth in your bathroom, there are many vinyl faux grasscloth wallpapers that look amazing although they don’t have the texture of the real thing.

Here are a couple of examples of where I’ve used real grasscloth.

The first is the dining room of a small condo where I wanted to do an accent wall but wanted something unique and different.

This beautiful wallpaper provides the perfect backdrop for this casual dining room and because it is similar in tone to the kitchen cabinetry (to the left) it actually helped to make the space feel larger.





In this next condo, I was looking to make a feature wall to showcase photos the clients had taken on their world travels. I wanted something that would make an impact and be a conversation piece.

Together we chose a beautiful paper and then I selected ten photos from a collection of hundreds, had them printed in 8 X 10 black and white then matted and framed. The track lighting fixture that had been in the kitchen was moved to the gallery to light the feature wall.









If you are looking to make an impact in your home, consider the unique beauty of grasscloth wallpaper.

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