All Decked Out and Ready For Summer

Recently I took some time away from my design business to help a relative build a deck. The project was a bit of a challenge and the results are fantastic, so I thought I would share the pocess with you.

There was an existing deck on the back of the house that the homeowner wanted to addon to. It was fairly small and they wanted to add a deck around part of the above ground pool they had installed last summer. Our plan was to extend the existing deck out to the pool then add a step up to a higher level which would rest just under the top edge of the pool (leaving an allowance for seasonal shifting).

The deck was about 5 years old and had held up fairly well although upon closer examination we discovered that the deck had sunk about 2 inches in the middle. This would need to be addressed before the new deck could be added.

Our first step was to remove the existing railing, jack up the deck and add three new support posts to ensure strength and stability for the new addition.

Next we began setting our support posts and adding stringers to the existing deck. We dug holes 18 inches deep, filled them with limestone, then set the posts on deck blocks resting on the limestone. The next step was about a zillion stringers (joists).

With the steps all boxed in we were ready for deck boards complete with about 100 zillion screws. This was kind of a round peg square hole deal as we had to fit square deck boards around a round pool. A few tricky cuts with a jigsaw and voila………

When it comes to furnishing a large deck, the principles are the same as when furnishing a large room; separate the area into zones. In this case we set up the upper deck as the relaxing/seating zone and the lower deck as the cooking/eating zone. This approach ensures the best use of space.

So there you have it, a deck all ready for summer BBQs and pool parties for years to come.

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