Everything old is new again

If you give anything enough time, it will come back in style. This has always been and always will be the case.

Maybe it’s just nostalgia that causes it. As people get older, they long for the things of their past. Or maybe it’s motivated by profit…new generations bring new customers. Whatever the reason, everything old is new again.

This is certainly true with one of today’s decorating trends, wallpaper.

Lately, I’ve had a lot of requests for wallpaper. Not an entire room, or thankfully, an entire house, but simply as an accent wall.

If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense and can add so much to a room.

Think of a single wall, papered in an amazing print with a fabulous texture, as nothing more than a huge piece of art. It creates a fantastic focal point for any room, adds visual interest and can add some drama to an otherwise dull and boring room. It’s a great alternative to simply painting a wall a different colour.

Here’s a dining room wall papered in a bold contemporary “forest” of gold on a deep purple background. So dramatic and so beautiful.







Here’s a bedroom wall I just did in a traditional black and white paisley pattern that provides a nice contrast to the soft blue walls and creates a subtle, focal point.







If you’re at all intrigued, start by having a look on line or in some decorating magazines. You can head to your local paint store as most have countless books full of in stock and special order papers to choose from. Lowes and Home Depot also now carry a wide range of wallpapers to suit any budget.

You can also take a couple of small pieces of leftover paper and frame them. 11 X 17 frames are a great size for this. Framed wallpaper, believe it or not, looks amazing. Hang the pieces on an adjoining wall or in the hallway as an to “introduction”.

So yes, I am slowly becoming a fan of wallpaper again. I still think it can be over used so I recommend sticking to one wall in a room as opposed to doing your entire home.

Thankfully, today’s wallpapers are much easier to remove down the road when it’s time for a change.

Yup, everything old is new again.

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