Mirrors can be your best friend

One of the best things you can do to open up and brighten your space and give the illusion that it is larger than it actually is, is through the use of mirrors.

There are a lot of tricks and techniques that can be tremendously helpful and a few things to keep in mind.

1. Use mirrors and artwork together

When I hang artwork, a general rule of thumb I follow is one large piece per wall. I don’t like to see multiple pieces of art on the same wall (unless it’s a grouping of smaller pieces) because I don’t want them competing for attention and taking away from each other. If I’m dealing with a long wall, I will hang one piece of art and one mirror. It provides some visual interest and contrast and lets each be their own focal point.

In this condo, I hung a painting over the sofa in the living area and a mirror in the dining area. This helps to define and separate the two spaces and the mirror makes the dining area seem larger.









In this dining room, the mirror actually looks like another piece of art as it reflects the image of the painting on the adjoining wall.









Notice that in both of these photos, the mirrors and the artwork are hung at the same height, 60″ to the centre from the floor.

2. Use mirrors in a narrow hallway to widen the space













3. Use mirrors to open up your space and reflect light

I use large mirrors over sofas (a personal favourite) to open up a space. It works especially well if the wall is adjoining some windows as the mirror will reflect the light and bring the outside in. In fact, depending on the positioning, the mirror can actually look like another window, which does wonders for making a room feel large and bright.

















4. Use mirrors in dining rooms and kitchens.

Mirrors can be very helpful in a small narrow dining area or kitchen in opening up the room and adding interest.













Yes, mirrors are your best friend. They are inexpensive, come in many shapes and sizes and are a wonderful alternative or compliment to artwork.

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