Colour contrast can add visual interest

Normally I’m not a fan of colour contrast. I find that contrasting colours is a significant contributing factor to a space feeling small. A room with a red sofa against a red wall will not feel as small as a room with a white sofa against a red wall. This is simply due to the fact that your line of vision stops when it hits the white sofa but would continue when hitting the red sofa.

It’s the same reason I use sheer blinds in small spaces instead of dark heavy draperies. With sheer blinds, your line of vision continues past the blinds and out the window, making the space feel larger.

Every now and then though, I use contrast to achieve visual interest. It all depends on the mood I’m trying to create.

Last year, I completed a project that used contrast very effectively.

I chose a colour scheme of cream and blue. We had the flooring covered in off white wall to wall burber carpeting and painted the main walls in a soft cream with just a hint of yellow and painted a couple of walls blue as accents. We then positioned the blue sofa against the cream wall and 2 cream accent chairs against the blue wall.

We used the same blue on the dining room wall and a darker blue in the kitchen to contrast with the white cabinetry

Just for fun, here is the same room before we started.

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