Creative shoe storage

One of the most challenging things about living in a small space is storage. There never seems to be enough places to keep everything, especially shoes. In many homes the entry becomes a dumping ground for shoes, boots and sandals. The problem is compounded when guests come to visit.

If you’re lucky enough to have a closet in your entry, there are tons of closet organizing systems that include shoe storage available. But, what do you do with shoes in an entry that is only 36″ square and has no closet? Well, you get creative and use whatever space you have, in this case, the space behind the door.

For less than $30 and with a few nails and some glue, we put together this simple shoe rack and mounted it on the wall behind the entrance door. When the door swings fully open, the shoe rack is tucked neatly out of the way and has room for tons of shoes.












When space is an issue, especially in the entry, think “outside the box” and look for creative ways to use unused space.

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4 Responses to Creative shoe storage

  1. eva chen says:

    Hello dear!
    How did you put the shoe rack together?

    • Jim says:

      Hi Eva

      I basically used 1″ X 5″ pine and built a box also using the same size pine for the shelves.

      It’s glued and nailed together and then painted to match the wall colour.

      Very simple really.

  2. Janelle says:

    love this! It is a MUST for our small space. I think even I could do this! 😉

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